Monday, August 18, 2008


Have you ever received one of those dreaded phone calls from the Stake Executive Secretary? Who calmly tells you a member of the Stake Presidency would like to meet with you. Luckily they asked to speak to my Husband, yikes, "and please bring your wife". This was not looking good. And so now the speculation begins... Your mind starts automatically flipping thru the Ward auxiliaries. Who has been in a long time, who might be moving, who wants to be released, what are they thinking?
Our friends knew we had the appt. and were anxious to speculate as well. So, we know we need a YM's Presidency; No, too much commitment. High Priest group leader; No; too young (in our minds). Elders; No, already a High Priest. We honestly had no specific feelings, (super scary). Why is it that we always want to dissect it, until we drive ourselves crazy! Oh well...then the call is extended...and your shocked and pleased all at the same time. So much for speculation. Now comes the really hard part; keeping it from everyone til the Sunday comes and it is announced over the pulpit. We have told some people, like family (not our kids). They can wait, so will other people, HEE HEE! Speculation is a funny thing, we all think we are so "in the know" and really we have no idea. I guess we just like to be creative and try and solve the riddles in life. Maybe we should just live one day at a time and don't worry about what is around the corner. Enjoy today and don't live for tomorrows they never come. P.S. If you really want to know, I'll see you Sunday and we will all have a good laugh!