Friday, February 20, 2009

Pictures can be so decieving...

I updated my cut and color a couple of weeks ago, and then took some photos of myself. I wish I could get glamour shots from Jen's photographer, he made her look so fabulous.(Which she is) Anyway, I have had so many comments from people that say, "Wow, you look so young", just like High School. I about fell out of my chair, what a load of crock! Like I said pictures can be so deceiving. Although I do not mind the compliments. Unfortunately when I look in the mirror, I see all the blossoming wrinkles, the well earned laugh lines and the encroaching crows feet. I do admit though; I have more confidence and self esteem than I ever did in High
School, so that has to account for something. Oh the wisdom of many, many years.
Approaching middle age is so frustrating, because I have to act like an adult, yet I still feel so young inside. It is about killing me that Jalyssa is graduating and ready to head off to college. I still remember college so clearly, like it was yesterday. Oh well, life marches on and unfortunately it keeps marching across my lovely face.