Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Beautiful Baby Girl...

Mariah asked me the other day, "Mom, how come you haven't blogged about me?" I was not quite sure how to answer. How do you put in to words; how much love, emotion, and pride you have for one person. This girl is my everything. I would cease to exist without her. She tortured me on the way into this world and lives to make me appreciate every day. We butt heads more than imaginable, yet we have respect and love beyond measure for each other. She is one amazing woman, and is willing to try anything at least once. But, if she doesn't like it, than don't try and change her mind. Stubborn doesn't even begin to describe it. Our Family became complete when she arrived and have not been the same since.
She can be so sweet one minute and turn on you in the next. She is so smart and she knows it. I know this girl is going to conquer the world and do anything she wants. You are loved more than I can ever say and never forget it, because it is my job to teach you all those things you don't want to learn. I do it because I know who you are and where your going, and nothing is going to get in your way! Kiss, Kiss, Wink, Wink!

Friday, October 17, 2008

My failed attempt at being a good Mother...

Ok, so I thought I would be a good Mother and start a tradition with my daughters. So on a beautiful fall afternoon we ventured across the valley to the highly recommended "Gardner Village". Now mind you, I have been there before for the Scarecrow Festival, it was very nice and not crowded. Well someone must of spread the news; because now it is like a nightmare. The place was scary... To say the least... The place had gone "Witchy" which was cute, but the crowds were horrific! I could not even get in the parking let alone in to the shops. We finally decided to park up the road and hike back to the village. Let me tell you...I have never seen so many young,fit,and fashionably dressed Moms in my whole life. And there were millions upon millions of strollers. We could hardly walk thru the place. Now don't get me wrong, everything was absolutely very witchy and halloweeny and sweetly adorable. But I think it was a little much. There were so many Moms flashing cameras of their darling babies in all the picturesque photo ops. And all the adorable kids in their costumes, fit for a contest. I could hardly stand it. I was able to get a snapshot of the witch hitting the silo, and that is about exactly how I felt, after visiting. I am not sure how much my girls enjoyed it, but hey atleast we made the effort. I guess the solution is.. I either should of taken my girls when they were younger and joined the throngs of strollers and happy valley Moms, or I wait til I have adorable grandbabies of my own and try again. Either way, Next Halloween we may just go visit a spook alley and get scared for real......
P.S. After reading this, both my girls said "But we liked it Mom"..Who knew??? Maybe I am not so bad after all. But you can see... they are a little disturbed

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So I guess I have been tagged...

I am listing (7) facts about "ME'. What an exciting topic!
1. I am in love with my Best Friend
2. I love eating Frog Legs
3. I was the Snow College Mascot, the Badger
4. I would love to be a counselor for youth
5. I am having to accept the fact I am growing older
6. I want to vacation in Greece
7. I really miss my Brothers (more than they will ever know)

That was alot harder than I thought it would be! It made me think too hard. And #7 made me cry. But, moving on.... So now I tag...Jen and Holly and Dion and Brenda (I wish G-Girl had a blog)

Good Luck Gals! Love ya...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another Saturday morning and no sleeping in.....

Do you ever wait all week for that blessed Saturday morning when nothing is planned and nobody has to be anywhere, and all you want to do is sleep in. Now mind you, sleeping in to me would be about 9:00am or later. To some it is different, but to me lasting that long all cozy with no interruptions would be a real treat. This was my plan for today. But alas, it was not to be.... My dear Husband schedule the cable guy to come anywhere between 8am and 10am. Because he needs his cable working properly, heaven forbid it should go down for one weekend. Now normally this would not be a problem, because we all now that scheduled appointments like this, especially with cable, they Never arrive on time. Well guess what, bright and early 8:30 sharp, we get the phone call. Our guy is in front of your house and no one is answering. I said we are here...Turns out the guy is on time, AND in front of the wrong house. There goes my much needed beauty rest. Who I really feel bad for is who ever he woke up at the wrong house. I guess they don't get to sleep in either. So I am kicked from my cozy bed but, alas the cable will work, and all will be well again. For my dear Husband, I think his obsession with the sci-fi channel may have to be dealt with. But that is for another blog, another day. I think I may go back to bed.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fabulous Fall Day...

I was very lucky to spend the day with my Mom and my Sister and some of her kids on Saturday. It is such a treat because I don't get to see them very often. My Sister is 10 years younger than me, and so full of life. Her 6 kids run her ragged, she runs two businesses and still does it all with a smile. I miss her so much and cherish the times we get to spend together. We spent the day at a craft boutique in Ogden and got to visit a wayside market. They sell dried wreathes and pumpkins. The owner was quite a character and he kept the kids entertained. It was a special day and we all had a grand time. Thanks Mom and Kari for a fabulous day.
The kids has a blast exploring all the barns, and they even found kittens to cuddle and love.