Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summers almost over.......but it has been a blast!!

We began the Summer with our Ward Youth Conference. Rafting down the Colorado river. It was an amazing, yet terrifying experience. Our youth and leaders all had a blast and grew closer together. We enjoyed screams and thrills, and also enjoyed the sweet whisperings of the spirit, and beautiful testimonies. This was one of my favorite summer activities, and can't wait to do it again. Our next adventure was boating on Willard Bay with G&G Drummond. Grandpa loves his boat and loves taking the Grandkids out on the lake. The weather was beautiful and the kids love being adventurous on the tube. They are so daring. Even Denver was more adventurous this year, I was so proud of him. I can not ride the tube anymore it hurts my knees, alas the issues with growing old. But no worries, I still have tons of fun. Jalyssa and Dad loved riding together and jumping the waves like real professionals, Mariah is also a little daredevil, and loved trying to do tricks, but we loved watching her crash and fly off. It was awesome!!. Our next Summer memory was camping at Burriston Ponds in Mona, Utah. We went with our friends John and Melinda Klugiewics and Mariah and her friend Amanda. Denver and Jalyssa were unable to go, Jalyssa was in Texas, and Denver was still doing the play Annie. So just the six of us, had crazy fun. The camp was perfect, right by the pond for easy fishing access, which they totally took advantage of. But, the best was the rope swing into the pond. We had so much fun, swinging and swimming in the ponds. The girls were crazy, ALL the time, but they kept us entertained. We loved the peace and quiet, until somebody across the way decided to run their compressor night and day. You should of seen us trying to swing into the lake, we looked like dead fish on a rope, or more like a pinata. Kelly was the only one who looked studly, my own personal Tarzan. it was good times, with good friends and made for a fabulous weekend, and somewhere I definitely want to go again. Thanks John and Melinda for sharing your camping spot, and for bringing the dogs, they definitely made the weekend. Look at the smile on Melinda she is so beautiful, and check out my sexy Husband, he can swing by me anytime. You can see it was a fabulous trip. Our next adventures will be on the next post, it is hard to do such a long post, but hey we had tons of fun this summer and I want to show it all. So here it comes next!!

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