Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So I guess I have been tagged...

I am listing (7) facts about "ME'. What an exciting topic!
1. I am in love with my Best Friend
2. I love eating Frog Legs
3. I was the Snow College Mascot, the Badger
4. I would love to be a counselor for youth
5. I am having to accept the fact I am growing older
6. I want to vacation in Greece
7. I really miss my Brothers (more than they will ever know)

That was alot harder than I thought it would be! It made me think too hard. And #7 made me cry. But, moving on.... So now I tag...Jen and Holly and Dion and Brenda (I wish G-Girl had a blog)

Good Luck Gals! Love ya...


princess jen said...

Good luck with getting me to do a tag ;) Especially since I'm leaving this weekend!! Also, I wrote out the directions to her house. It's easy to find. And she does need the carseats. She can pull them out when you get there. THANKS again so much!!!!

Dawnzer said...

Ok Jen, will let you off this time....But only if you stuff a dollar in Thunder Down Under's g-string for me. You are going to Vegas right??? Just teasing. Have fun, wink, wink.. Go Girls Weekend!

Gillian said...

I was going to say that g-girl must be smart not to have a blog and therefore avoid the tag, but after the last comment I fear my new found nick name may not sound so cute!!

brenda said...

well, I have finally posted all the weird things about me. While I did not tag anyone else, due to the fact that I have a private blog, so not many follow me other than close friends and fam that I invite, I did want ya to know that I took the time! Hope you are enjoying YW's!