Sunday, December 13, 2009

Technology passes the Mama by and we have a new addition.....

We have a new additon to our family.... I never thought it would happen, but I guess stranger things have happened. We are now the proud owners of a gorgeous Shitzu puppy. His name is Mozie. He is more fun than I ever thought possible. He is well behaved and doesn't bark and 80% of the time does his business outside. Mariah needed a new buddy since Jalyssa moved out to college. This just fell into our laps, and we could not resist. Everyone loves him and Denver has even adjusted to him. Connnie loves the company during the day, and it gives her a reason to get up and move during the day. I have really been pleased with the whole outcome.

Things are just moving along in our little family, Jalyssa is enjoying school and doing well. She loves all the socializing and the college life. I am so proud of her.
Mariah is doing well in school, she has been overwhelmed a little with all the demands on her,but she did incredible in the school play. They did the Music Man and she played the part of Mrs. Paroo. She really nailed it, everyone said she got the accent down perfectly. We were so proud of her, she worked really hard and it showed. Elder Killpack is coming up quickly to the close of his Mission. My how time has flown by. He will finish the end of January, and he will really be missed by everyone on his mission, and they have truly grown to love him.

I have just been doing what I do, young womens, clean house, take care of my family, and hang out with my best friends. I love everything I do, and everyone I do it with. I am still working on learnig the computer and it is a slow process,although I have coined a new phrase, it is "Techno Tard". That is me!! There are so many new things coming out that I am being left behind; fast and furiously. My children know so much more than I, it is amazing. I am lucky if I can remember how to turn on the computer. With Blogs, and facebook, and twittering and so many things I have never heard of, I am truly a techno tard. This blog and facebook are all I have learned to attempt,with a small amount of skill. I know there are things that I am missing out on even on these sights. I do not know how to post videos,and I can not figure out how to post pics on facebook, I just can not get it to work. Luckily, I still have my cell phone and I definately know how to use it.
Kelly has been the rock of our Family and helps us stick with our budget. He has also been working on a side job, doing plumbing and has realized he is not as young as he once was. It takes a toll on your body, but he is strong and is doing a great job, and feels good about putting his skills to use, besides making some extra cash.

We are all looking forward to Christmas. This year has been stress free and totally worth all the sacrfices to make it that way. I love spending the Holidays with Family and Friends. I doubt that I will blog again before Christmas... So Happy Holidays to all and have the Merriest of Christmas's and a Fabulous New Year!!!


princess jen said...

I am going to miss you SO much!! I hope you blog lots while I am gone so I can feel like I'm keeping up with you. I feel like I never see you anymore and I miss you. I'm glad you are enjoying your *very* cute puppy and that Denver has had such a good mission. I love you dearly!!

brenda said...

Dawn, sounds like you are doing great! So glad you have good friends, those are hard to come by, ones that stick by you and are always their for you.also glad you are stress free, that must feel so nice, Merry Christmas