Monday, July 21, 2008

Ever feel half smart!!

Ok this is easy and not so easy, for someone like me who is so computer illiterate, I think I am in trouble, but hey,I can live and learn. Have you ever felt like you know things to a point and then you can fake the rest as needed. That is me, half smart. I know a lot of things and there are a lot of things I don't know.
Computers have always fascinated me. They offer so much and open a world far beyond my feeble imagination. The internet is a danger zone and yet on the other hand it is everything you could ever need. I can see how people get sucked in and never leave the screen. It is worse then the television. And much more addicting. It has helped me in more ways I could possibly imagine and yet is has brought a darkness into my life, that I don't how I can ever escape from.
(Wouldn't you like to know) I can keep in contact with friends, with enemies, strangers and new people, I have yet to acquaint.
So this is the beginning of a journey for me; blogging on the internet. Hopefully it will be a winning and exciting experience. I will have to make time for me to get on the internet as often as possible, I hope that I can acess my blog spot at work, it would be so much easier. Otherwise I will have to make the time at home, and those moments are hard to come by. I feel guilty sometimes when I sit down at the computer to check my e-mail, I feel like I should be doing something else. Housework, kids projects, Relief Society stuff, visiting, husbands needs, I could go on and on forever. What I need is a place to just spout my feelings, frustrations and wants and needs. Not like any one out there really cares, or can do anything, but it will hopefully feel good and maybe improve my typing skills in the process.
So far now, this is the beginning , join in for the ride, comment if you like, or just read the ramblings of a 40 something women who needs an outlet. Over and out, or as my Trekkie Husband would say "Engage".

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