Thursday, July 24, 2008

A "Hot" 24th Holiday

Are we nuts or what? Today we decided to go to the 24th of July Pioneer Parade. What a crazy idea; no, actually we had a great time, other than the getting up at 6:00AM part on a sleep in day. The day dawned bright and beautiful, yes, even that early. We headed out and went straight to the store to get munchies so we could survive the waiting time. We bought $20.00 in munchies, can you believe that? Just to feed 4 people. So much for my healthy eating...
We met up with our Parade partners and headed out, we actually found shaded parking only one block from the parade route. We walked a short distance and found a great place to sit, between two trees that shaded us for most of the time. The parade was ok, the company was better. Of course the kids loved it. I saw some friends in the parade, took a few pictures, and ate too many unhealthy munchies. The tempurature soared and we were in the shade until about the last half hour, Then the sun decided to keep rising and then it got HOT...It felt like someone turned on an oven. I felt sorry for all the folks who were sitting in the sun the whole time. I remember one year we went, it was so hot we were rubbing ice all over our bodies trying to stay cool. I am sure that was quite a sight.
After the parade we went to lunch at KFC, yummy, I only ate a little, no surprise I was mostly full. I wonder why? Oh yeah, eat less. We then headed swimming. Now, that was nice and cool. We swam for about 3 hours and had lots of fun. Now we are headed for a BBQ with friends and then fireworks. Over the course of the day, the temps. soared to over 100 degrees. But we enjoyed the day and I am looking forward to the cool of the evening. Our plans and fun were HOT, HOT, HOT!

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princess jen said...

We watched part of the parade on TV. Much cooler that way! I've been catching up on organizing computer files so I can scrapbook tonight! No fireworks for us. Have a fun time tonight!