Friday, March 20, 2009

Sweethearts Dance

Jalyssa went to the Sweethearts Dance with Zach Stone, they had an incredible time. They went with some crazy friends and spent the whole day dating and preparing for the dance that night. But the whole thing could not of come together without the help of good friends and family. We had help with every little thing, like picking the ribbon for her dress, to a friend cooking their yummy meal, and another friend doing Jalyssa's hair so beautiful. We also could not of done it with our Grandma D's help, she took over when Mom and Dad had to leave town. Everything turned out perfect, but like I said we could of never done it without everyone's help. So we say a BIG THANK YOU to all! They made a really cute couple and had a wonderful time.

I still can not believe that Jalyssa is a senior and ready to go off to college. It is really killing me. She is an incredible Young Woman and so much of life ahead. I am so happy that she gets to have these wonderful experiences and spend time with good friends. Sometimes people think that life ends when they graduate High School, but truly it is just beginning. Here's to a bright future Jalyssa, I love you!!

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gillian said...

She looks great in her dress, all grown up and ready to go out. Glad you got some photos, your mom did a great job by the looks of it.