Friday, July 10, 2009

Don't blink, or 4 months will disappear...

Where did the time go? I have been so consumed by millions of things the last four months, I think I blinked and they were gone! Does this happen to everyone? I think so. From this beautiful picture you can see that Jalyssa has graduated from High School, and is ready to move on with life. When did that happen?
Oquirrh Temple Celebration was a huge success and all our kids did fantastic, singing and dancing their hearts out. They made us so proud.
The kids have all enjoyed serving in the Temple and we look forward to the dedication. What a great blessing in our lives.
My cute Hubby flexing his muscles, on a quick boating day with Grandpa and Grandma D. We had a blast and have the sunburns to prove it! We were so happy, when the weather finally turned warm by the end of June. Hopefully we will get in a few more boat trips this summer. Please Grandpa? My next entry will be exclusively about our Pioneer Trek adventure, so tune in soon, I may get a chance to blog again real soon............

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